Woedjeweol 303

Manal Kara

$ 160.00

5.5" x 5" x 4.5"

/woʊdʒəwoʊl/ or /wəʊdʒəwoʊl/
woedjeweol (pl. woedjeweol, woedjeweols, woedjeweolat)
1. A vessel typically made of a suspension of minerals in water which has been squished by the earth.
2. A native object.
3. A conduit.
4. The rarefied quality which only exists in one point in the space-time continuum, tiny in place but expansive in content, containing multitudes (of colors, or forms) which are all expressive of their minuscule point of origin.
5. A hyper-terrestrial object reflecting extraterrestrial origins.
1. Full of, evincing, or exhibiting woedjeweol; of or pertaining to woedjeweol; caused by, or suggesting, woedjeweol, as, a woedjeweol appearance, smack, or vibration.

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