Veiled – Testimoni (12")


$ 14.00

Released 2014 through Anòmia 


1. Enterrar La Memòria

2. Residual Static

3. Testimoni

4. Washing the Surface

"In this most recent phase, the intercontinental duo [Arnau Sala Saez, Exoteric Continent; Robert Francisco, M Ax Noi Mach, Dexter Industries] progress into new territory on four tracks that dwell in minimalism. Atmospheric white noise and resonant synthesizer sequences combine together with spatial awareness and repetitions that build structures progressively. Primal, slow and pulsing sounds give way to dynamic peaks. These tracks were recorded in the same session as the recent “El Temps No Passa” release on the Philadelphia imprint White Denim making it a perfect follow-up."

Text from Anòmia (Arnau Sala Saez) & photographs from Diego Bustamante


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