Slow Tongued Beauty – Temptable Desertion (C20 Cassette)

Slow Tongued Beauty – Temptable Desertion (C20 Cassette)

Slow Tongued Beauty

$ 10.00

Released March 23, 2016 through End Result Productions
1. The Satyr Exit
2. Common Veil
“Slow Tongued Beauty is Ryan Scott Kerr; a producer of agonizing, minimalist noise which evokes a darkness comparable to that of the winter nights in Philadelphia. ‘The Satyr Exit’ is a deep, 10-minute journey of punishing low end, leading into the persistent beating of a kick drum and developing with the incorporation of hi-hat patterns. The track in its overall scope is too rhythmic for noise purists but too bleak for even the darkest of dancefloors, carving its own territory which simultaneously pays respect to and rejects both ends of the spectrum it employs. Complex oscillations and control voltages comprise the B-side ‘Common Veil,’ amounting to an amplified conclusion of gained-out noise which resolves to what the ear could perceive as the decay of a large church bell. In total, Temptable Desertion is perhaps simultaneously the most focused and most extreme release of the End Result Productions catalogue thus far.”
Text from End Result Productions

Electronic, experimental, modular, ambient, noise

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