LXV – Clear (12" LP)


$ 14.00


Released 2015 through Anòmia


1. Mihal Drop Scene

2. L.K. Breaking

3. Pripyat (Paper Crown)

4. Apophenia

5. Clear

"Where ‘A/T’ was a collection of music about amazement, confrontation, and fear of a new reality, ‘Clear’ is a representation of the material world and the new, artificial voices that emerge out of it to recreate this experience of spectral communication. Distant whispers and chants spin into processed virtual light refracting off spatially arranged hypermedia superimposed over the decaying row-homes and warehouses.

The album is also very much about the more desolate aspects of urban life: modern ruins, wide, empty streets in industrial neighborhoods. These muses instill in ‘Clear’ a mournful quality and, at times, a redemptive one. The fractured voices in ‘Clear’ represent the existential churning of the world, a churning which suggests there is a world underneath this imposed reality, just under the surface, wavering in and out of view."

Text from Anòmia (Arnau Sala Saez) & photographs from Diego Bustamante

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