Housefire – burnthemasters (12")

Housefire – burnthemasters (12")


$ 14.00

Released November 30, 2015 through Hot Releases


1. 4thwaysschooldanceoftheneophyte

2. powerandkontrolkreatordestroyer

3. weather or not (2Bforce)

4. moodswing

5. when you wish upon an electrical fire

"Natriarchal psy-op trance 4-track cassette destruction by Luciann Waldrup. Long-awaited debut vinyl presentation after previous cassette releases on Grovl Tapes and Headway, an appearance on Submit's "Feral Grind" comp, and a slew of hand-crafted one-of-a-kind cd-rs. Contains early material from 2012-2013. A true underground original.

'You ever have those moments when you're driving down a long stretch of highway alone and suddenly you realize that you've lost about 20 minutes and the last several miles went by in a blur, and when you come to you're equal parts horrified by the hypnotic time lapse but ecstatic that you made it out alive and didn't kill anyone else in the process? Housefire's new album is the soundtrack for that deadly, invigorating trance.' – Mark Williams"

Text from Hot Releases

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