Heart Opener

Heart Opener

Suntrap Apothecary

$ 20.00

No apothecary is complete without an elixir of love. A formulation to promote intimacy with ones self or the world around them. To take when the heart feels closed and cold. To remember sweetness, to feel loved.

This blend uses Brandy and North Carolina raw honey to extract the delicious, heart opening, love promoting properties of: Rose, Damiana, Hawthorn, Hibiscus, Coriander, and Cinnamon.

Take on it's own as needed, in small doses throughout the day, or in seltzer water as a refreshing uplifter.

2 oz.

Ingredients: Brandy, NC Raw honey, Rosa damascena, Turnera diffusa, Crataegus sp**, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Coriandrum sativum*, Cinnamomum burmannii.

**wildcrafted, *cultivated

Text from Suntrap Apothecary


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