Flash2 feat. Chloé Elizabeth Maratta

Glass Press

$ 15.00

Founded in 2015 by LA Warman and Natalia Panzer Glass Press is a publisher of art and poetry on flash drives. Each drive is available for a period of four months before the content disappears and joins the endless stream. The press is committed to high transparency like thick plastic. We believe in friendship. We believe in bad technology. We request Artists morph their practice to this Stupid Object, the flash drive (both everywhere and forgotten).

Glass Press continues this tradition on October 2 with the release of FLASH2 featuring LA-based artist, Chloé Elizabeth Maratta. Maratta works across mediums combining elements of poetry, fashion, installation art, and music (touring with Flannery Silva in band Odwalla88). Maratta continually prods and usurps ideas of High and Low Art while laughing at tropes of girlies. If art is a body, Maratta is a bendy boneless body on the sidewalk. Maratta takes objects and deconstructs them without aggression. Her work collages found text, images, and objects, often on her body or the bodies of friends. Maratta forms new bodies that swerve. This femininity is a turning away, femininity as a rejection.


Flash drives come in limited edition specialty packaging inspired by the content on the drive.

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