Cx72 x Zizia: Earth Cypress Body Lotion

Cx72 x Zizia: Earth Cypress Body Lotion

Zizia Botanicals

$ 33.00

An exclusively limited edition formula made for Cixous72 by Zizia

A delicate, grounding, and silky smooth lotion that can be used daily as a body moisturizer to hydrate the skin and soothe dryness.  Made with infused oils of Juniper and Arizona Cypress with essential oils of three different Cypress species growing around the globe. These include Hinoki Wood (Japan), Blue Cypress (Australia), and Cypress (Morroco). Cypress has a long tradition of human use all across the globe; for lumber, for rituals, for medicinal uses, and for incense.  

*If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a physician before using. For those with sensitive skin, perform a patch test before applying all over.

6 oz.

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