Cx72 x Zizia: Devil's Club Rose Face Mist

Cx72 x Zizia: Devil's Club Rose Face Mist

Zizia Botanicals

$ 24.00

An exclusively limited edition formula made for Cixous72 by Zizia

A daily face mist that can be incorporated into one's skin care routine as the last step, or used anytime throughout the day as a refreshing mist. Hydrosols are made during the essential oil making process and contain trace amounts of essential oils that can benefit the skin. It is both skin care and aromatherapy all in one, as often the aromatics are calming and uplifting for individuals. Devil's Club has a distinct sweet and earthy aroma, it is in the Ginseng family, and internally has strong medicinal uses. Rose is an emotional heart soother and nervous system supporting botanical, often calming and uplifting the mood.  Together these plants blend into a formula that may be grounding and emotional soothing for the body.  

*For those with sensitive skin, perform a patch test before applying all over.  

2 oz.

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