Bookworms – Standards of Beauty (12" EP)


$ 14.00

Released 2015 through Anòmia


1. Divulged

2. Patterned

3. Standards of Beauty

4. 500 Wounds

"In my mind, Standards of Beauty refers to the restrictiveness of Western/European standards of Beauty and the alternative realities and narratives that exist either indifferent to or defiant of them. It refers to the feedback loops that occur between those standards and their counterpoints, where the standard’s inverse is fetishised. I’m thinking of existence in a weird universe within all of that- being told I wasn’t black or white enough  pretty much my whole life. Where is the standard there? This record is my alternative reality." – Nik Dawson, 2016

Text from Anòmia (Arnau Sala Saez) & photographs from Diego Bustamante

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