Blue Sky Elixir

Blue Sky Elixir

Suntrap Apothecary

$ 25.00

Mood elevating, conversational elixir magic.

 This elixir was formulated for a dream of a blue sky & a strong sun. Infused from the new moon in Capricorn, thru a lunar cycle and extracted on the new moon in Aquarius. Kava kava & Damiana soaked in raw NC honey & brandy, shaken every day while visualizing the blue sky the bees who made the honey soared across all summer to bring sweet nectar to their hive and who blessed us with their excess. Surrounded by amethyst & rose quartz on the day of extraction, and brought forward by sisters with intention. 

 Sweet & Spicy, mildly numbing to the tongue. Blue Sky Elixir is elevating & softening. There is no better herb than Kava for communing with people, connecting & feeling in the conversations you create. Damiana is a nerve tonic, and undeniably uplifting to anyone who has had a proper extract. Nerve tonics relieve stress while also having the unique action of over time building up the nervous system’s capabilities for handling stress.

Sweet sunshine in a bottle. 2 oz.

 Ingredients: Piper methysticum (Kava kava), Turnera diffusa (Damiana), raw NC wildflower honey, Brandy.

Text from Suntrap Apothecary


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