Two Poems by Jen Fisher


introverse tomorrow
katherine asked it 5 times
     who it was
and        it never answered –
i stared at it     for a week –
      its black dust dusted
      back staring at me
a field pulled magnetic
love loving the magnetic pull
out/i    wish/i could/i  live forever
but "tired of myself"
she says to the camera –

i thought this morning
i had it all

then in the water filled tub
i felt like nothing

the dust dances like caterpillar
soundscapes sounding them
in unison      to motion
      i stop motion film
      i stop motion film
      i stop motion film
      them stop motion
can i sleep
when i am tired



rising marsh

i am too tired in my tired i move
palms outstretched to
anchored weight he moves
my body. my position against the earth
flatiron        let the sun scrape unjointed
rejointed reflect all my skin
my rituals        my death –
a     blue transfer     a     cyanotype      in my breast pocket
i'm so poor in what i need to
house me –           tearing words       in books
hungry i feed him all i am       to live us alive
to make us     here now
      warm   now
      the earth of us
      sweat styles beading back bodies
      bow down!
we pray hands      twisting fingers
to sky opens
fire lit    we    close   our   eyes
the force field    fielding us forward

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