Cx72 Style: Guest Looks at Vaquera FW16

Vaquera FW16 runway.

Vaquera FW16 runway.

Amanda McGowan and Mattie Barringer of Women's History Museum.

Completely inspired by this full-body suede with doll-like, berry-colored blush.

Kelley McNutt in paper-thin lambskin gloves.

Artist and designer Rae Stimson, who hand-fashioned her entire outfit, with Sanguis Ornatus designer (and Cixous72 co-owner) Mira Moore.

A vision in head-to-toe denim.

Cixous72 muse, model, and friend Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Feng taking a breather from the party in white ruffles.

Photographs by Mira Moore and M. Elizabeth Scott.

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