Cx72 Style: Lucy Kilgore

Metalsmith, martial artist, and aesthetic collector Lucy Kilgore takes us on a tour of her living space and closet in Atlanta, Georgia.   Her home is full of beautiful objects, antique and historical wearable pieces, and a collection of literary gems on every subject imaginable.  She was kind enough to show us around for our first-ever style profile.


 Lucy models a blue silk smoking jacket; vintage Ralph Lauren.


 Equestrian gear as decor – a running theme in Lucy's curation.






 Lucy shows us an all-time favorite from her personal library: 'Body Jewelry: International Perspectives.'  


 Antique velvet and lace.


 Horse-curb chains, antique silver necklaces, and Afghani jewelry alongside sterling rings of Lucy's own making.


Antique shoes; handed down from her grandmother. 


 Early Byzantine artwork of Lucy's mother's (left); hand-painted dress by Jarboe of Swans (right).


 Lucy models the hand-painted dress, which is different on each side.






 An antique set, probably from the 20s or 30s.




 Antique embroidery; a gift from Lucy's grandmother.





Photographs by M. Elizabeth Scott.

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  • Marcela Andre

    So nice to see the real you a bit, Lucy Kilgore. Why didn´t you share? Would have loved to talk.

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